orange juice

Set in the world of cyberpunk 2077, we begin with our arrival into Night City. We get off the taxi, it's night time.


orange juice - zesty, refreshing, fiesty

Chicha - a young corpo ready to quit and do his own thing, good with guns but bad at talking

Story so far

Orange Juice and Chicha step out of the taxi, taking in the sights and sounds of Night City. The neon lights reflect off their faces as they take in the hectic hustle and bustle of people going about their business. The heavy bass thumps from nearby clubs adds to the cacophony that is Night City.

Orange Juice takes a deep breath and shakes her head. "It sure has changed, this mess of a city," she says with a sigh. Chicha, meanwhile, is busy looking around while checking his email for the details about their job. He nods as he reads it over and tucks away his phone in his pocket. "Ready to go?" he asks Orange Juice as they start walking towards their destination.

Orange Juice reluctantly laces up her shoe and follows Chicha as they make their way to the job. Chicha explains the details of their mission; they are to break into a high-security corporate facility, retrieve some important data, and get out without getting caught. "It won't be easy," he says, "but with my skills and your knowledge of hacking systems we should be able to pull this off." Orange Juice nods as she takes in all the information before them. She is feeling a mix of excitement and dread at what lies ahead.

Orange Juice takes out her com and starts scanning the area for any potential security systems. After a few minutes of searching, she finds what she is looking for. She quickly hacks into the system and starts to disable any cameras or alarms that could alert anyone about their presence. Chicha meanwhile, takes a look at the building they are about to break into, his eyes widening in surprise when he recognizes it as an old corporate gig he used to work at. He shakes his head with a smirk before turning back towards Orange Juice with determination in his eyes. "Oh fvck," he says, "It looks like the target is my old corpo gig. Well this should be interesting..."

Orange Juice smiles at Chicha's comment and says, "Alright, let's get this show on the road. It's about to get lit!" Chicha nods in agreement as he starts to remember some of the security hotspots from his previous job. He quickly tells Orange Juice about them so they can avoid those areas when they are making their way inside. They both take a deep breath before heading towards the entrance of the building, ready for whatever lies ahead of them.

Orange Juice trips on her shoelace, almost face-planting onto the ground. Chicha quickly grabs her arm to steady her before she can fall. "Thanks," Orange Juice says with a smile as she takes a few seconds to regain her composure. She quickly ties up her laces and gives Chicha a nod, ready to get going again. Chicha leads them both into the building, his gun at the ready in case of any surprises that might be waiting for them inside. As they make their way through the dark corridors, he points out various security hotspots that could potentially alert anyone about their presence if they were not careful enough. Finally after navigating several twists and turns in the labyrinthine hallways of this old corporate gig, they reach their target: The server room where all of the important data is stored away. Orange Juice quickly sets up her laptop and starts to hack into the system. Chicha, meanwhile, stands guard just in case anyone decides to show up while they are mid-operation. After a few minutes of intense typing on her keyboard, Orange Juice finally manages to break through the security firewall and access the server room's mainframe. She copies all of the data onto an external hard drive before making sure that there is no trace left behind of their presence here. Chicha takes one last look around before nodding towards Orange Juice with a smile on his face; they had done it! They both make their way back out of the building without any incident and head off into Night City once again with a successful mission under their belts.