Set in the world of cyberpunk 2077, we begin with our arrival into Night City. We get off the taxi, it's night time.


foo - a simpleton capable only of wonton violence

pneumonoultramicroscope - A sentient microscope capable of viewing very long words

Story so far

Foo and Pneumonoultramicroscope step out of the taxi and onto the streets of Night City. The neon lights from bodegas, bars, and clubs illuminate the street with an eerie glow. There is a faint smell of burning ozone in the air as well as the sound of distant laughter coming from somewhere nearby. Foo looks around at their new surroundings, ready for whatever comes next. "Let's get to it," they say confidently.

Pneumonoultramicroscope peeks through the lens of their microscope, searching for words in the cityscape. They identify several large words painted on walls or billboards, but nothing particularly interesting. Foo looks around and says "This particular part of town is unsavory". The street is lined with shady characters lurking in the shadows and a number of questionable establishments. It's clear that this isn't a safe place to be after dark.