Set in the world of cyberpunk 2077, we begin with we arrive in Night City and step out of the taxi


Cypher - a highly skilled netrunner. completely incapable of physical violence. red hair, green eyes, athletic build.

Story so far

Cypher steps out of the taxi into the neon-lit streets of Night City. The air is thick with the scent of exhaust fumes and cheap street food. She takes a moment to adjust to her surroundings, scanning for any potential threats or targets.

Cypher pulls out her cyberdeck and quickly accesses the details of her contract. The job seems straightforward enough - hack into the database of a rival corporation and steal their latest research on neural implants. She memorizes the necessary information, tucking her deck back into her backpack. As she starts walking towards her destination, Cypher can't help but notice the various gangs that roam the streets. Scavengers, Valentinos, Maelstroms - all vying for power in this city where violence is an everyday occurrence.

Cypher is currently standing in the bustling heart of Japantown, surrounded by towering skyscrapers and flashing holographic advertisements. She looks up at the neon signs advertising cyber-enhancements, feeling a sense of unease wash over her. Her destination is a nondescript building on the outskirts of Little China - an area known for its high levels of criminal activity. As she walks towards it, Cypher keeps her eyes peeled for any suspicious activity or potential threats. She can feel her heart racing with anticipation as she approaches the entrance, ready to put her skills to the test.

Cypher takes out her phone and dials her handler's number. After a few rings, he picks up. "Hey Cypher, you're right on time. Just remember to be careful - the security at this place is pretty tight. And don't forget to wipe any traces of your hack before you leave." Cypher nods silently, knowing that she's done this countless times before. She hangs up the phone and takes a deep breath, steeling herself for what lies ahead. As she enters the building, she can feel her heart pounding in her chest. The sound of alarms ringing in the distance only serves to heighten her sense of urgency. Cypher quickly makes her way through the maze-like corridors of the building until she reaches the server room.

Cypher plugs in her cyberdeck and begins to work her magic, navigating past firewalls and security protocols with ease. She can feel the adrenaline coursing through her veins as she gets closer and closer to the prize - the coveted research on neural implants. Suddenly, an alarm blares in the distance, causing Cypher's heart to skip a beat. She knows that time is running out and she needs to finish this job quickly.

Cypher's fingers fly over the keys of her cyberdeck as she finishes extracting the data. She quickly wipes all traces of her hack and takes control of the security cameras to find a way out. As she watches the feeds, Cypher spots a group of guards approaching from down the hall. She ducks behind a nearby server rack, trying to remain unnoticed.

Cypher focuses all her attention on the guard closest to her. She quickly hacks into his cybernetics through the security camera, manipulating his optics to see his fellow guards as members of the Maelstrom gang. The guard jumps back in surprise, pulling out his gun and firing wildly at his supposed enemies. The other guards start shooting too, their confusion and fear evident.

Cypher takes advantage of the chaos and slips past the distracted guards, making her way towards the exit. She can hear their shouts and gunfire echoing in the hallway behind her. As she reaches the door, Cypher breathes a sigh of relief. She steps out into the cool night air, feeling a sense of triumph wash over her. But as she turns to head back to Japantown, she sees a group of heavily armed Valentino gang members blocking her path. They stare at her menacingly, guns drawn and ready to fire. Cypher knows that violence is not an option for her - she's a netrunner, not a fighter. So she quickly searches for any nearby cameras or security systems that she can hack into as a distraction. She spots a security drone hovering above the gang members and manages to override its control system.

Cypher starts running a subroutine on her cyberdeck, taking control of the security drone above the Valentinos. As she faces them with her hands raised in surrender, she tries to talk her way out of the situation. "Hey guys, I don't want any trouble. I was just here for a job, nothing personal." The gang members sneer at her and one steps forward, his gun pointed directly at Cypher's forehead. "Oh really? You think you can just waltz in here and steal from us without consequences?" Cypher gulps, feeling a bead of sweat roll down her forehead. She knows that she needs to come up with something fast if she wants to survive. "I didn't know it was your research I was stealing. My client just gave me the job and I needed the money." The gang members exchange a look, seeming unsure of what to do next.

Cypher quickly accesses her cyberdeck and commands the security drone to open fire. The gang members are caught off guard, diving for cover as the gunfire rings out. Taking advantage of their distraction, Cypher darts around a corner and disappears into the night. She blends into the crowd effortlessly, knowing that she needs to disappear before they catch up with her. As she makes her way back towards Japantown, Cypher can feel her heart still racing with adrenaline. She can't believe that she just pulled off such a risky hack - and managed to escape unscathed. Cypher takes a moment to catch her breath, leaning against the wall of a nearby alleyway. She takes out her phone and dials her handler's number, wanting to let him know that the mission was successful. "Hey Cypher, how did it go? Did you manage to get the data?"

Cypher speaks into the phone, her voice slightly shaky from the close call with the Valentinos. "Yeah. I got the stuff. Ran into the Valentinos... You forgot to mention this was their turf." Her handler's voice sounds relieved over the line. "Sorry about that, Cypher. But you made it out alright?" Cypher nods, even though he can't see her. "Yeah, I'm fine." "Good work,Cypher. You're one of the best netrunners out there." Cypher smiles, feeling a sense of pride at the compliment. "Thanks, but I couldn't have done it without your help." Her handler chuckles over the phone. "Just doing my job. Now make sure to get rid of any evidence and lay low for a while. The Valentinos won't take kindly to what you did."

Cypher takes a deep breath, knowing that visiting Afterlife - a renowned bar in Night City known for its dangerous clientele - is not the smartest move after just completing a risky hack. But she can't resist the temptation to cross it off her bucket list. As she makes her way towards the bar, Cypher can feel her heart racing with anticipation. She knows that this place is filled with all kinds of unsavory characters and troublemakers, but she's ready for whatever comes her way. As she steps inside, the dimly lit interior of Afterlife comes into view. The air is thick with cigarette smoke and the sound of raucous laughter and clinking glasses fills her ears. Cypher takes a moment to scan the room, noting the various patrons - mercs, fixers, even some corporate suits trying to blend in. She feels a sense of unease wash over her, knowing that she's completely out of her element here. But she steels herself and makes her way towards the bar, taking a seat on one of the stools. The bartender - a gruff-looking man with a tattooed face - eyes her warily. "What'll it be?" he asks in a rough voice.