Set in the world of the tv show Firefly. A crew of 6 operate a run down firefly-class starship., we begin with we're on our way to pick up cargo on an outer colony.


Tarn Coa - captain of the ship. He won the ship in a bet, a very dumb one, and has no idea what he's doing.

Story so far

The crew of the run-down firefly-class ship is on their way to an outer colony. Captain Tarn Coa stares out into space, watching the stars pass by at a dizzying speed. He turns to his crew and says, "We're almost there."

The crew of the firefly-class ship is made up of Tarn Coa, a young and inexperienced captain; Kalee, an engineer with a knack for tinkering; Jaxson, the mechanic who can fix almost anything; Helix, the navigator who knows all the hidden routes; Macon, the pilot with nerves of steel; and Zevrai, a weapons expert who always has their back.

Tarn Coa turns to his crew and says, "We'll meet our contact on the colony for the cargo hand-off. Then we're dropping it off on one of the inner planets. They'll tell us where we're taking it once we meet with them." Kalee nods her head in understanding while Jaxson adjusts a few knobs on a nearby console. Helix scowls at the thought of navigating through an unfamiliar area and Macon's hands tighten around the controls as he steers towards their destination. Zevrai stands ready by her weapons station, just in case they run into any trouble along the way.

As the firefly-class ship approaches the outer colony, Tarn Coa announces over the intercom, "We're coming up on our destination. Everyone get ready for a bumpy ride." The ship begins to shake and rattle as they enter into the planet's atmosphere. Looking out of the cockpit window, Macon sees below them a dusty desert landscape with small clusters of buildings scattered throughout. He says to Tarn Coa, "Looks like we've landed in some kind of mining outpost." Kalee chimes in from her station, "I can see some cargo containers down there. That must be where our contact is waiting for us." The ship lands smoothly near one of the larger buildings and Tarn Coa leads his crew out onto a dusty landing pad. They are greeted by their contact who hands over several crates filled with various goods. As they load up their cargo, the crew takes a moment to look around the colony. The air is thick with dust and the sounds of machinery can be heard in the distance. The buildings are run down and there are few people to be seen. Zevrai notes that there could be potential danger lurking in such an isolated place. "We should keep our eyes open," she warns. Tarn Coa nods in agreement before announcing over his communicator, "Alright everyone, let's get back on board and head towards our next destination." The crew hustles back onto their ship as it lifts off from the landing pad and heads out into space once again.

Tarn Coa suddenly realizes that they forgot to ask their contact where they are supposed to take the cargo. "Wait a second," he says, "We need to know where we're taking this stuff." Kalee looks up from her work and asks, "Why didn't you ask before?" "I don't know," Tarn Coa admits, feeling embarrassed. "I guess I was just so focused on getting the job done that I forgot." Helix rolls her eyes at Tarn Coa's lack of planning but quickly gets to work searching for any information about their next destination. After a few minutes of searching through their ship's database and making some inquiries with other contacts, Helix finally finds what they're looking for. "We're headed towards Persephone," she announces. "There's a warehouse there waiting for us. They'll give us further instructions once we arrive." Tarn Coa breathes a sigh of relief and says, "Alright, let's set course for Persephone then. Macon, punch it!" Macon revs up the engines and the ship takes off into space once again, headed towards their next destination with their cargo safely stowed away.

Tarn Coa can't help but feel curious about the cargo they are transporting. As the ship cruises through space, he heads towards the crates and starts poking around. Kalee notices him and asks, "What are you doing?" "I just want to see what's inside," Tarn Coa replies with a shrug. Jaxson pipes up from his nearby work station, "You know we're not supposed to look inthe cargo, right?" Tarn Coa rolls his eyes and says, "Relax. I'm just taking a peek." He opens up one of the crates and sees that it's filled with various technological components. He recognizes some of them as parts for engines and navigation systems. Zevrai walks over to him and takes a look inside the crate as well. "Interesting," she says with a nod. Suddenly, the ship shakes violently, causing Tarn Coa to stumble and nearly fall over. Macon's voice is heard over the intercom, "We've got incoming fire! Everyone to their stations!" The crew rushes back to their respective stations as Zevrai readies her weapons. The ship begins weaving through space as they try to evade the attackers. Tarn Coa grips onto a nearby console for support and shouts out orders, "Macon, keep usmoving! Kalee, make sure the engines hold up! Jaxson, fix any damage that occurs!" Helix navigates through the debris and asteroids as they try to shake their attackers. Zevrai fires her weapons in a precise manner, taking out several of their assailants. After several tense minutes, the ship finally evades its attackers and comes out unscathed. Tarn Coa lets out a sigh of relief before turning to his crew and saying, "Good work everyone. Let's get back to business." As they continue on their journey towards Persephone, Tarn Coa can't help but think about the danger that comes with transporting cargo through space. He makes a mental note to be more careful in the future and not let his curiosity get the better of him.

Tarn Coa turns to his crew and asks, "Did anyone get a good look at whoever was shooting at us?" Zevrai replies, "I managed to take out a few of them, but they were wearing masks. I couldn't see their faces." Kalee chimes in, "I did manage to pick up some readings from their weapons though. They seemed like standard issue pirate gear." Tarn Coa nods and says, "Alright, let's keep an eye out for any more potential danger. We can't be too careful." The crew goes back to their respective duties as the ship continues on towards Persephone with its cargo safely in tow. Tarn Coa keeps his eyes peeled for any signs of trouble ahead, determined to keep his crew and their cargo safe at all costs.

Tarn Coa yawns and rubs his eyes. "I'm going to get some shut eye for a while," he says to his crew. "Wake me up when we're close." Kalee nods her head in understanding while Jaxson gives him a thumbs up from across the room. Helix continues navigating through space as Macon adjusts the controls. Tarn Coa heads towards his quarters and collapses onto his bed,letting out a deep sigh. He closes his eyes and tries to relax, but the sound of the ship's engines continues to hum in his ears. He drifts off into a restless sleep, filled with dreams of danger and excitement. Suddenly, he is jolted awake by the sound of someone shaking him. "Tarn Coa," Helix's voice says urgently. "We're approaching Persephone."

Tarn Coa gets dressed and heads towards the bridge, eager to see Persephone again. As he enters the room, he takes a deep breath and admires the view outside. "Wow," he says with a smile. "It's been a while since I've been here." Persephone looms ahead of them, its colorful lights reflecting off the ship's windows. The bustling city below is alive with activity, even at this late hour. Tarn Coa can see the glow of neon signs advertising various goods and services. Helix turns to him and says, "We've been given coordinates for a warehouse on the outskirts of town. That's where we're supposed to drop off our cargo." Tarn Coa nods his head in understanding before turning to Macon and saying, "Take us down slowly. I don't want any accidents."

As the ship descends towards Persephone, Tarn Coa can see the city below in more detail. The buildings are towering and colorful, with neon lights flashing in every direction. The sounds of traffic and chatter fill his ears as they near their destination. They fly over a sprawling marketplace filled with vendors selling all sorts of goods from food to clothing to technology. People bustle about, haggling for deals and carrying shopping bags. The warehouse they are headed towards is on the outskirts of town, in a less populated area. As they approach, Tarn Coa can see that it's a large gray building with no signs or markings to indicate what kind of business it is. Macon sets the ship down gently on a nearby landing pad and turns off the engines. The crew gathers their things before heading out into the bustling city below.

Tarn Coa looks around at the bustling city of Persephone and feels a bit overwhelmed. He turns to his crew and says, "Helix, I trust you can navigate us to the warehouse? Cause I'm already lost." Helix nods her head confidently and replies, "Don't worry Captain, I've got this." Zevrai smirks at Tarn Coa's nervousness before saying with a nod of understanding, "I'll keep an eye out for any potential danger. Just stay close." Tarn Coa nods his head in agreement before following behind Helix as she leads the way through the crowded streets. The neon lights and sounds of the city surround them as they make their way towards the warehouse. As they walk, Tarn Coa can't help but notice how different Persephone is compared to other parts of space he's been to. The people are diverse and the buildings are colorful and unique. He can see why it's such a popular destination for travelers. As they near the warehouse, Zevrai signals to Tarn Coa that there may be trouble ahead. "I see some suspicious characters up ahead," she says quietly. Tarn Coa nods his head in acknowledgement before signaling to Helix to slow down their pace. They approach cautiously as Zevrai read ies her weapons, ready for any potential danger. As they near the warehouse, Tarn Coa sees a group of rough-looking men standing guard outside. They are armed with various weapons and look like they mean business. Helix approaches one of the guards and says, "We're here to make a delivery." The guard eyes them suspiciously before nodding his head towards the door. "Go on in," he grunts.

Tarn Coa nods his head and helps carry the cargo inside the warehouse. Once they're through the doors, he starts looking around for whoever seems to be in charge. The interior of the warehouse is dimly lit, with rows of crates stacked high towards the ceiling. The air smells musty and there's a faint humming sound coming from somewhere deep within. As Tarn Coa scans his surroundings, he notices a man sitting at a desk in the back of the room. He looks like he's in charge, with a stern expression on his face. Tarn Coa approaches him and says, "We're here to deliver our cargo." The man eyes them up and down before nodding his head. "Good," he says gruffly. "Leave it over there." He motions towards a corner of the room where other crates are stacked high.

Tarn Coa carefully places the crate down where he was directed and then walks back towards the man in charge. He clears his throat before speaking up, "We almost got blasted out of the sky bringing this to you. I'm inclined to ask for a little extra hazard pay, if you'd be so kind." The man raises an eyebrow at Tarn Coa's request before letting out a deep chuckle. "You're lucky I don't take back the payment for your lack of professionalism," he says with a smirk. "But I'll throw in a little extra for the trouble." He hands Tarn Coa a small pouch filled with credits before turning his attention to the cargo. The crew gathers their things and starts heading towards the door.

Tarn Coa gives the man a wink and a finger gun before turning around to leave. As the crew heads out of the warehouse, Tarn Coa turns back towards the man and says with a grin, "It's been a pleasure doing business! If you need anything else hauled around, give us a call. We're here to please." The man just nods his head in acknowledgement as Tarn Coa exits the warehouse with his crew. Once outside, Tarn Coa lets out a sigh of relief before turning to his crew and saying, "Well done everyone. We made it through in one piece." Kalee smiles at him and says, "That's because we're the best damn crew in the galaxy." Jaxson nods his head in agreement while Helix checks her navigation system for their next destination. Zevrai looks around cautiously before saying,"We should still be careful. We never know when we might run into trouble." Tarn Coa nods his head in agreement before saying, "You're right Zevrai. Let's get back to the ship and get out of here before anything else happens." The crew walks through the bustling streets of Persephone, making their way back towards their ship.

As the crew approaches their ship, they notice a group of sketchy-looking characters hanging around it. Tarn Coa's heart sinks as he realizes that trouble might be brewing. One of the men steps forward with a strange smile on his face. "Hey there," he says in a sly tone. "You guys looking for some work?" Tarn Coa eyes him warily and replies, "We're not interested." The man just chuckles and says, "Come on now. I've heard you guys are the best in the business. You could make a lot of money working for us." Zevrai steps forward with her weapons at the ready and says, "We're not interested in any shady deals. Leave us alone." The man's smile fades as he realizes that this crew is not to be messed with.

The man's expression turns sour as he realizes his offer has been refused. He steps forward, getting uncomfortably close to Tarn Coa. "Listen here," he growls. "You either haul some goods for us, or we'll take your ship and do it ourselves. And trust me, you won't like what happens if we have to resort to that."

Tarn Coa takes a step back and sizes up the group of men. There are about six of them, all armed with various weapons ranging from knives to guns. He turns to his crew and says in a low voice, "Stay alert. We might have trouble on our hands." Zevrai readies her weapon while Jaxson starts tinkering with something on his belt.

Tarn Coa steps forward and addresses the group of would-be hijackers. "Listen up," he says firmly. "Which one of you is the pilot? The mechanic? Do you have any idea the level of talent it takes just to keep that rust-bucket in the air? That ship isn't making it 200 feet off the ground without us running it. And that's if you can take it from us in the first place. Yes, you may win.. but you're definitely not all going to win." He then picks a random one out of their group and stares intently into their eyes before saying, "And you.. I'll make sure you're the first to not win." The man flinches under Tarn Coa's gaze before stepping back and regrouping with his comrades. They mutter amongst themselves for a moment before finally deciding that it's not worth the risk. With a scowl, they turn and walk away from the crew of the firefly-class ship. Tarn Coa lets out a sigh of relief before turning to his crew and saying, "Well done everyone. Let's get out of here before anything else happens." The group quickly boards their ship and lifts off into space once again, leaving Persephone behind them.