Set in the world of Cyberpunk 2077 during the beginning stages of a zombie outbreak, we begin with our arrival in night city. We get off the taxi.


Hacksaw - a middle-aged man with an average build, was once one of the top mercenaries in the business. Retired alive.

Story so far

Hacksaw steps out of the taxi, stretching his legs after a long ride. The neon streetlights light up the path leading to their destination - the dark alley ahead. A putrid smell hangs in the air, and distant groans echo off the walls of nearby buildings. Hacksaw gazes around nervously while adjusting his leather jacket.

Hacksaw mutters to himself, shaking his head in disbelief at the smell. He pulls a pistol out from underneath his leather jacket and takes a few steps forward towards the alley. His grip tightens around the handle as he peers down into its depths, scanning for any sign of danger.

Hacksaw cautiously scans his surroundings. He notices a few dark figures lurking in the shadows and can make out soft whimpers coming from what sounds like an elderly woman. With clenched fist, he slowly moves forward...

Hacksaw sets off down the alley, determined to find his old enemy before it's too late. He reaches a familiar crossroad and takes a left towards Alley 32. The faint sound of bass thumping grows louder as he nears Afterlife--an infamous nightclub frequented by mercenaries like himself in its heyday. The Club is abandoned, however. Its patrons gone as if they'd run away from some unseen force. As Hacksaw peers through what was once an entrance way, he can make out several figures shambling around inside, groaning and moaning terribly in anguish. Dread slowly creeps over him--there seems to be an infestation of zombies inside the Club! With shaking hand Hacksaw pulls a bigger gun this time and readies himself for whatever fight might come should he enter...