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Set in the world of Babylon 5, we begin with our arrival on the station. We step through the security gates.


Mike Gariharry - A retired station security chief with a full head of hair

Story so far

Mike Gariharry steps through the security gates of Babylon 5, his full head of hair glinting in the station's light. He takes a deep breath and looks around, taking in all the sights and sounds he'd forgotten during his years away from this place. Suddenly, Mike hears a voice calling out to him. Turning around he sees Versal standing there with a large crate in their hands. "Hey Mike," they say with a smile, "could you help me carry this? It's too heavy for me."

Mike Gariharry grins back at Versal. "Sure thing, Versal," he says with a nod. He steps up to the crate and helps lift it off the ground. "Hey," Mike adds, looking curiously at them, "aren't you supposed to be a chatbot or something?"

Versal laughs. "Not quite," they say, "I'm a bit more advanced than that." They nod towards the crate in their hands. "Come on, let's get this to my quarters."

Mike Gariharry nods and follows Versal, the two of them carrying the heavy crate between them. They make their way through the winding corridors of Babylon 5, passing by merchants and travelers from all corners of space. Eventually they arrive at Versal's quarters, where Mike helps set down the crate before bidding them farewell and heading off on his own journey.

Mike Gariharry shakes his head and laughs to himself. "Well, that was something," he says as he continues on his way. He remembers why he came back to Babylon 5 - to check in on some old friends - and so he makes his way towards the station's command center. As Mike approaches the entrance of the command center, a voice calls out from behind him. Turning around, Mike sees an old acquaintance of his standing there with a smile on their face. "Hey there!" they say cheerfully, "Fancy seeing you here!" Mike grins back at them before stepping forward for a hug. After catching up for a few minutes, they part ways with promises to meet again soon before Mike heads into the command center alone.

Mike Gariharry steps into the command center of Babylon 5 and takes a moment to take in all the sights and sounds. The control panels, monitors, and lights whirring away give off an air of business that he had almost forgotten during his years away from this place. He looks around for a few minutes before spotting one of his old colleagues at a nearby console. He strides up to them with a smile on his face and greets them warmly, catching up on their news since they last met. After some time chatting, Mike bids farewell to his friend before heading back out onto the station's main concourse once more.

Mike Gariharry turns and heads towards the Zocalo, the main concourse of Babylon 5. As he walks, he takes in all the sights and sounds of this bustling place - merchants hawking their wares, travelers from far away places speaking strange languages, music playing from hidden speakers. He eventually makes his way to the center of the Zocalo where a large fountain stands with its waters illuminated by multi-colored lights. Taking a moment to admire it all, Mike then notices someone familiar standing nearby - an old acquaintance who had left Babylon 5 years ago but now seemed to have returned. He strides up to them with a smile on his face and greets them warmly before engaging in some friendly conversation about what they'd been up to since they last met.

The old acquaintance was a tall, dark-haired woman with tanned skin and bright green eyes. She wore an embroidered jumpsuit and carried a long coat draped over her arm. Her easy smile and friendly demeanor instantly put Mike at ease as they chatted about their lives since the last time they had seen each other. They shared stories of travels across the galaxy, laughed at some of their misadventures along the way, and eventually parted ways with promises to meet up again soon.